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2016 and we’re still here

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are the front runners for the US’s 2016 election. We could have less desirable candidates up front but we certainly have enough who are still running behind them. We could use a serious change in the economic, education, healthcare costs, and military alignments with the needs of our mainstream population. I think the candidates all start out thinking they want the highest office in order to achieve their goals that they feel are for the best of us. Problem has been that big money controls the goals that are best for them. Only the power of the masses can change that.
We’ve advanced, scientifically, farther than most people realize. Mainstream news outlets haven’t kept us accurately informed about the advances we’ve made. I don’t know why we’ve been kept in the dark about things that could actually help us. Do the secret keepers believe we’ll be harmful and destructive citizens if we know more about space and the activities out there? Will we regret paying our teachers triple what they make now for all the hours and hard work, the emotional support they provide for our children? Will we go mad if we can afford to eat healthily, pay the Dr.’s fees, and educate ourselves for free?
I like what Bernie has had to say in the news videos I’ve seen and articles I’ve read. I’m looking forward to President Bernie Sanders. He can open the doors to a new America.

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