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My First WordPress Blog~Goes with the Flow

I agreed to do a new, really custom design, for an artist I had yet to meet knowing nothing about her or her website except that she was doing a tattoo for the partner of my work colleague-friend.

As she was doing the tattoo she mentioned she was looking for a new design for her site. My friend immediately thought of me since I was interviewed by her and a few others, and hired, to do GUI design work for the company we work for. The artist’s email and website addresses were acquired and my friend asked me, the next day at work, if I’d be interested in doing the design work. SURE!, I said, not knowing what I was about to get into.

The design part is always the most fun. Its the artistic part that I love doing. Not often does one get to do really cool design for a website. Most sites are utilitarian and not very ‘Artsy’, very square, all business and marketing. So, I visited the website to be redone. Then I emailed Charon, and began my journey into WordPress.

Charon Henning is an artist and a performer. What kind of performing does she do, you wonder. You’ll have to find out for yourself and discover your own nouns and adjectives. First of all, she is UNIQUE! She is a talented tattoo artist, a traveler, and a beautiful, kindhearted woman who happens to swallow swords and breath fire. But you really should see for yourself.

Her site uses WordPress for its structure and database storage of its contents. This was the most fantastic design discovery for me! Now I am HOOKED on this concept. I own 5 websites and have a free blog, Walkswithwing’s Footprints, I did on WordPress.com to discover how it works. But to get into the real nitty gritty of it all you will have to visit WordPress.org for details on building your own site hosted on your server. I’m not going to get into the technical details of how to do all of this. You either know already or you can learn like I did, by doing.

I began this post just to link back to my first WordPress blog because of its content. I was in a very different ‘space’ then, as you can read if you choose. I find myself older now, hate to say this, and less encouraged by events that are taking place. Been here before and realize things will always change, usually for the better, when you’re bottomed out. If you would, please take a look at Walkswithwing’s Footprints to see where I began this phase of my journey. It’s been a long and exciting journey, most of the events I would never have imagined. But I LOVE my life!  I’m the kind of person that GOES WITH THE FLOW~~~~~~~

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