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Do You Believe?

Angelic GuideAngelic beings ~ Angels have been with us since The Beginning. I believe I have had Angels protecting me and guiding me throughout my life. My Angels told me my Spiritual name, Aloel. Yes, they are here but I have never seen them. I just KNOW!

I’ve been through a lot of things, in dumb situations, and lived through some serious health scares. I know I am here because my Angels have protected me. I believe we all have a purpose. I have not completed my purpose. I don’t dismiss my life errors, I embrace them because they have enriched my life and helped me guide my daughter on a better path. She will make mistakes too but she is wiser and more educated than I was at her age. I have taught her how to live securely in life. I have taught her every thing I’ve learned in life and will continue to tell her Life’s secrets until my last breath. Perhaps this is my purpose.

I like to think my Angels help her too. She has her own guides, certainly, but she will have mine also for as long as I exist…perhaps for eternity. Angelic Guides have helped her through lonely difficult times, I know. I know because she is strong and determined. She is also filled with empathy. Empathy provides us with a greater understanding of life’s upsets and exhilarations.

I believe Angels guide us to be better humans, to know we are never alone. I believe I am an Artist because my guides help me see the light in all people and animals. I see Spirit! I BELIEVE! Do You Believe?

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