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Spinning in Infinity

In these highly technical times, I am so grateful to have this outlet for my creativity and expression. I also share my Geekness with my links to websites I am passionate about. This is a continual process as this site is fairly new and my time for adding to it is limited by my job and my energy. But never despair! I will be adding helpful information for web fiends and my daily observations that some people seem to enjoy.

If you have kids or design websites for kids or WISH you could design for kids, you might find this article interesting Best Practices For Designing Websites For Kids. I happen to be past this particular era of my life but I enjoy Smashing Magazine’s content on a daily basis.

I bet you could find something useful there too! Check it out~ Smashing Magazine they have tons of freebies that I’ve found to be quite helpful. Even this website template you see here. I’ve added my own personal touch but it has the best WordPress features ever!

I still spend hours at this stuff~out of control~Spinning in Infinity!!

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