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No Matter What

I love my job! I work with smart, friendly, funny and cooperative people who all like their job as much as I do. My favorite colleague, who got me hired, sits in the cubicle in front of me because we work together on the ‘front end’ of our application and we need to communicate easily…and we do! I’m so grateful to her for helping me get my job and for being a wonderful friend. She’s fun and funny, smart and patient, kind and thoughtful and a heck of a great Engineer! I get to design great GUIs for my team’s application. I have a comfy chair, a spacious cubicle and desk and a huge window at my back. Actually the floor I work on is surrounded by windows that keep the area bright and welcoming. My boss is the best I’ve ever worked for. Never a grump, never an unkind word, never a criticism, never a complaint, never a worry, never a failing. He understands team work and how to keep us all working smoothly and productively.

How can I complain? I can’t. I have no complaints for my job, but I do have a few for the spammers who leave useless, barely intelligible spam comments in my mailbox. Maybe if they actually LOOKED at what I say here and on my sidebar, if they could understand English, they’d SEE that this stuff will never be seen by the public eye. Alas, I may have to remove commenting from my pages. I’ll wait and see if the ‘usual’ spammers get tired of wasting their time…doubt it, but I’ll give it some time.

That said~ I resolve to maintain my positive outlook and continue doing what I love, enjoying my family and friends, my most prized ‘possessions’…No Matter What!

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