Lifted by breezy fingertips
sighing to see
the shifting clouds.
Tiny wings attempting
seduction of the sky,
supplication to heavenly travels-
take me to the sky.
Show me worlds away
the other sights where
limbs beseech
and blossoms blow.
I dance on warm waves
of pleasure captured
in essences of the senses.
I am whisp and whirl,
lilting and lively,
aflutter in the cool pool
through the light
and darkness..


Like a beacon,
He drew me to him.
Nothing could deter me.
No sight nor obtuse whim.
My soul hastened to know
this man who shined on me.
My heart was ignited then.
The stoke of my destiny.
I knew I had to be his,
His charm was his persona…
a great gift to humanity
was he, I could feel his aura.
I stood in his light
welcomed as his one,
knowing I was his Moon Maid
He my Shining Sun.
I never questioned this union,
Our lights blended to a glow.
He bathed me in his love light
His Fire was all I wanted to know.


We weave our years
in wishes and dreams,
ever hopeful of completion
yet knowing as nature…
we understand we will always evolve.
We climb the aging ladder,
stumble over a rung or two,
sometimes wondering which is last
but mostly focusing
on each one…or peering down.
No safety assurances.
Only our created blanket,
each thread a connection
to loved ones
and all the unknowns
and hopes
in our
and dreams.


Destiny is a devilish device,
A twisting path
through low hills and mountains,
trees, rivers and darkness.
Unknown predators creeping too,
detours in your pleasantries,
Smiling cores we comfort in
turning to hellish maneuvers
in man’s demented land.
Awash in preparations expectations,
we rarely find the still hub.
But rather look to the
twisting deviations
surrounding us.
But what about tomorrow
and look how I spoiled yesterday.
The path will never straighten,
never widen,
never be directed…
for the journey would be
Lesson less
No cause
Not destiny
Just a destination.


Are you tempted by the Siren
with her rapturous melody?
She swoons silent intoxications
relentless in her repartee.
Flourishing exotic Blossoms.
devotional delusions abound..
waste not the liquid love nourishment
or she silences her sounds.
The mists of music wend
through mindless abstinence,
to entice the body idol
to lend its sustenance.


Up and up I go beyond blue
white hugging my wings
a soft caress of coolness
Ah, the reverence of these things.
The presence of this soaring soul
amongst God’s heavenly glory
eases this painful pestilence
this love drenched yearning worry.
I’m not allowed to know now
when you’ll love me true
I hasten in my lust filled hurt
to be filled with you
through and through.

Poetry lll