Tide Swept

Bent under the tide
sweeping so low,
to peer up is a feat
in the powerful undertow.

Cold water rushing
sweeping silently past,
a nature unknown to man
the future in the past.

Hands reaching up
seeking pure air
to escape the watery din
unloving despair.

All hope of life
sought with these hands
to stretch from depths
these Neptune lands.

Heart pounds pulsed
beseeching a love grant
to marry to soul
impulse expectant.

Hold on to the image
this boundless stream
to life, to heaven’s endless dream.


Empathic waves
of familiarity
bathe us in liquid fire.
This blush of emotion
ignites our spirits.
We radiate rapture.
We measure life
in Golden Rules.
Each panorama
glistens as a new morn.
Our vision emerges
in our mental menagerie.
Opening our Hearts
and minds
to possibilities
Our perception of this one
is unique, sublime
a smoldering fetus
of fertile dreams
defined in these eyes.


Is innocence some praise
of glorious ignorance?
Can it be touched
as the down on her leg,
the dewy air at sunrise….
naked each morn
of the smoke,
the dust of toil.
That loss of purity….
We wake ignorant
each pillow sullied
with a soft spot.
Sun beams rot
the semi-sleep,
to arouse
the temptuous beginnings
of another borrowed day.
Onward we march
to bathe the virtuosity
from our awakened souls.
Peering into the mirror,
the chasteness obliterated,
we see the truth in ourselves.
No return to glory…
Only wakefulness.

Heaven’s Children

We are children of the new world
connected by a new light
we soar with comets, not eagles now.
a profound elopement of flight.
We’ve taken the stars in hand,
seized them to our souls.
They’ve expanded in our hearts,
now igniting ecstasy untold.

Glory we are feeling

Heavens mighty light,

A wondrous vision awaits us

Future now in sight

We have born our trials and errors,
fought long and hard to win
the freedom of our righteousness….
let our our loves and lives begin.
Open minds and hearts now,
steeped in luminous love
have elevated our humanity
to our Heaven’s realm above.

Doodling thoughts

Doodling thoughts
Flying boon beams
rolling off the mind
in spontaneous reams.

A bounty of boggles
careening in free flight
taxing our relaxing
in effortless might.

rubber arrow dreams
bouncing hither and yon
till sleep overtakes
the conscious mind gone.

Queen Chat

She was the queen
in her realm
the keyboard
was her helm.

Levity prevailed
every day at noon
when she opened that bookmark
into her room.

She greeted in glee
in large red type
shouting to all
with 200kilobyte.

Hiya Roomies!
How’re y’all today?
each replied Hi
thats all they had to say.

Poetry ll