Chafing at possession
wanting it to be so
Mastered-yet free
wanting him to know

Whats right for today
to last through the night
to purge body and soul
to give up the fight.

Let me give
Before you take
Let me love you
For my sake

Until you have me
As I want to be
You’ll only take
but you won’t see

I hold out these hands
asking for you
I hold open my heart
but its caress is not due.

I will be yours
just let me be free
take all I give
But give back to me.


Whirlwind flung wide
spun out so far
galaxies fly by
I see lights, no stars.
Glorious colors surround
and flash through me.
I see them in you too
I’ve waited this eternity.
I know how to love,
to feel the complete.
To give all of me
to the world in defeat.
Wrap me in surrender,
cover my fears.
Hold me tightly
Kiss away my tears.
Whirlwind diminished to breeze
softness and touch…….
to comfort the man
and I feel so much.
Accepting all the less
I will always give more.
I will love him as ever
because I knew him before.


You waited for me,
I stood by awhile
before I acknowledged
your love with my smile.
But I was taken before
you asked for me.
I wanted another
but he set me free.
So I opened my heart,
gave you a kiss,
knowing you love me,
I will give you this……..
My body to cherish,
my mind to explore,
My heart to hold,
my soul to adore.


My tear blossomed to a mirror
where I saw myself in you
the reflection of your smile
filled my heart again with you.
The sadness of never holding you
envelops me in indignation
the annoyance of your obscurity
leads me to this pool of resignation.
The fullness never lasts long enough
it returns to emptiness, you see
for this falsely reflected phantom
means only abstinence to me.


I want to sleep
sleep and dream
one hundred years
in your embrace,
Dream of your lips.
the boldness and curves
in this illumined case……
your beautiful body,
the planes and shadows of your face.
My vision in peace
holds the sweet
blessing of your lips.
My fingers explore
to find every trace
of the your love
for me and so,
to allow all the purity
of the you I know….
I dream in surrender
to your soul’s caress.
Every touch you bestow
in loving tenderness.
I can’t escape your
eyes upon me,
taking every measure
seeking my soul
giving every pleasure.


Love beguiled me
with its passionate potion,
entrapped with its lure
swore me to everlasting devotion.
Till I wept in its embrace
it never gave me ease
wringing the last love from me
till I begged for deliverance, release
Its hold was harsh yet tender
certain you know what I mean
Total submission gave I
Love saturation to the extreme
Given till empty
resolved to know no more
I’ve become this shell now
my heart an open door
My soul has seen all love
and hurt and hate and still
it seeks another fullness
against my mind set will.
That talons that held me-free
but have torn the feelings asunder
scattered through my destiny
rippling round my mind as thunder
No sound advice or knowledge
can change the way I am
I am pure feeling and emotion
known only to this man.

Poetry lV