Take me to the hills,
The heights you know
Windswept with you over me,
The field you sow.
My hair whips round
In your billowy touch.
My cheeks burn brightly
kissed by you, the sun and such.
The body embraces
This loving command
of my earthbound furrow
to heed Heavens demand.
The seeds you’ve seen ripen
To blossom this hour,
Bloom in total surrender
For you To Drink From A Flower.


The wind swept over me and vanished.
Empty and comfortless now,
No shroud of intoxication,
No meaning to the void,
Imperfect and solitary,
I mourn the deficiency
The caress was no charade,
but carnal and coveted.
I am left vacant and vulnerable.
Weary and wasted.


Destiny is a devilish device.
A twisting path
through low hills, mountains,
trees,rivers and darkness.
Unknown predators creeping too,
detours in your pleasantries.
Smiling cores we comfort in
turn to hellish maneuvers
in man’s demented land.
Awash in preparations expectations,
we rarely find the still hub,
but rather look to the
twisting deviations
surrounding us.
But what about tomorrow…
and look how I spoiled yesterday.
The path will never straighten,
never widen.
never be directed…
for the journey would be
No cause…
Not Destiny…
Just a destination.


Apparently it was time.
He entered, greeted.
I could not hold..
my need to know…
No more than..
blood can be held..
from the heart.
Emotions erupted..
with the blinding desire..
to bind him there,
there where only I
could feel his response.
and know how..
he was meant for me.
His name alone..
rang out to my being…
the sound a summons
to the depths..
if my soul’s ears,
a ripple across my senses,
pulsing in my veins.
He knew it was..
this way too.
No wind or transient mood…
we came to the…
center of our web.


She blossomed beneath that moon
her breath the dew
Man moon beamed at her
her petals curled too

He lit her cooly
his beam touched her well
she spread herself
Her lips began to swell

Sighing pink
caressed by white
he caressed her
to love her the night

She swayed and swooned
absorbing the gift
his love lasted long
but his touch was swift

Alas she could not
long last
his supreme ravishment
made her wilt too fast

Her petals fell
her pistils remained
longing to last
Much to gain

He beamed her again
caressing anew
She took all from him then
till he became a new moon too.


I have a fortune in my dreams,
rich ecstasy of purple harem,
languid notions of lust,
I come to know these
as my elevation…
my ascension boulevard,
a uniform inclination
of preferable frivolity.
I dance in the veil
a hypnotic reverie.
I play the ambrosial chords
of my essence.
you see my dulcet capital
as an effervescent sensation
manifesting in my smile.

Poetry l