DejaVu Again

Here we are again approaching Christmas and hubby is having his third hip operation, second replacement, December 18th.

His first operation, after a fall and break, during a work related trip to DC, resulted in a pin placed in his femur. Turned out to be a bad approach since the break was just below the trochanter. Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 1.01.19 PM
This is the bone you feel when pressing on the top side of your thigh. There wasn’t enough attachment space to this part of the femur. This pin failed. In June 2012, after months of pain, finally, a CT scan indicated the pin was cracked and twisted.

In July 2012, hubby had a full hip replacement; the surgeon told us he had great difficulty removing the pin and had to invent a tool mid-operation to accomplish the removal. Hubby went into a rehab facility from the hospital. He got C DIFF (look it up), a common infection from healthcare facilities. Medication seemed to take care of it. He came home, doing well, after intense PT. He hadn’t been cured of the C DIFF. He couldn’t get to the Dr. The Dr would not prescribe medication without seeing him. After 2 weeks of HELL and BEGGING, we got the medication. Months of rehab, without 100% success. Pain in his foot, pain in his back, pain in his hip…

Xrays showed the replacement socket 2 inches higher than his real hip. The hooks that were supposed to help attach the artificial to the real were just hanging out in there. Hmmmm, no wonder he had all of this pain. Hubby found a specialist who fixes BAD hip problems. So, here we are, 2 years after THE ACCIDENT, going through surgery number 3. You know, it’s been said “third time’s the charm”.

Anyone got a Charm Healing Spell? Hubby wants to walk without pain and crutches or a walker. I and our daughter want him to join us in family outings, walking freely, upright, smiling and enjoying life!

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