AloelI am an artist named Diana by birth, Aloel by my Angelic Guides, whom I met some 30 years ago in meditation. I used to meditate daily and explore my “Lighter” self. I found many me’s along the way of my search for enlightenment as I found many other possibilities of existence. The essence I have learned is Nothing is Perfect nor will it ever be, no matter how much I or anyone wishes it so or demands it to be. We are here to learn about being human and what we each contribute to that process. Life is an ADVENTURE!
I was drawn to Sedona, AZ by the beauty, the art and the metaphysics which have played a large part in my life for many years now. I lived in Sedona for nearly 9 years until moving to Herndon, VA March 1, 1999. I am married, 49 years now, through some magnificent times and some low times. I have a daughter who is 28, my pride and joy. She teaches me so much about life and freely gives her thoughtful opinions, keeping me alert to my weaknesses.
I have enjoyed writing off and on for over 42 years, growing with it as I allowed it to flow from me. I suggest everyone try to write whatever comes to their minds and hearts and not fear the results. There is joy, growth and freedom in writing.
I make no claims to be a teacher or wisewoman, only to introduce the truth, honesty and creativity which exists in us all. There is the *SPARK* in every being.

We are all capable of becoming better people to those in our world, we make a conscious choice every day with everyone we meet.